Air Attack


Sadly, the last remaining copy of this masterpiece is lost on a floppy disk, somewhere in my sister's storage unit somewhere in Connecticut. It is a mighty shame because it is the first real game I ever wrote. It was made as the final project for my first programming class ever. We used Visual Basic 6.0, and all my images were .ico files because they supported transparency, and .bmps didn't.

It was a pretty standard side scrolling shoot 'em up - fly your helicopter ever onward, blowing up airplanes that were coming at you. There were two kinds of baddies: a clip-art passenger jet, and a hand drawn black and grey fighter jet (I don't remember if they could shoot at you). There was one glaring flaw, though - you could only shoot one bullet at a time. That's right, once you fired, you couldn't fire again until your bullet either hit something or flew off the screen.

There were two really cool features though. First, was the randomly generated skyline of black buildings that scrolled across the bottom of the screen. If you accidentally ran your little chopper into one of them it went BOOM and you lost a life. The second cool feature was the Boss Fight at the end. There was a big blimp, that came in after the sky darkened from daytmie blue, to twilight purple. It would fly around following a predefined path, and would shoot missles at you. I spent a good amount of time drawing that blip. It's a shame it's lost forever.

Maybe one day I'll rewrite this gem. Perhaps I'll add support for more than one bullet?