about me

1994 - An unfinished attic in the suburbs of Los Angeles:

Blue stones cover the walls. The featureless, flat, grey floor is uninterrupted except for a puddle in the corner, and the dead body of a Nazi guard laying in front of you. Frantically, you scramble to pick up his gun, and load it from the turquoise clip you found beside him. You pause. You take a breath, and then run to the shiny metal door. It slides open and you rush out to the blue maze beyond. A dog barks in the distance...

This, most likely inappropriate for a six year old kid, introduction to the wonder of video games has left its impact. I knew at that point I needed to know how it worked. How could something so immersive and intense happen on this little grey box (a Apple Mac IIci, for the curious). I mean, there's a whole freaking world inside that little screen! Huh?! How does that happen?

My obsession with figuring out the answer to those questions first brought me face to face with all kinds of monsters, puzzles and environments. I have shot down aliens, blown up nazis, cast magical spells, chainsawed demons right in their demon faces, rocket jumped outside of the world, and much, much more on my adventures.

After noodling with programming for years, my first significant step was a High School Visual Basic class. I finished a semester's worth of projects in only a few weeks, and spent the rest of the time working on one final project (see here for more info). Since then, I have not stopped making games. I have built real time co-op wizard quests, persistent guild based combat simulations,Dynamal battle arenas, battle helicopters, tactical safety applications, and advanced block management systems.

I plan on making quite a bit more.

If you want to get in touch, or you've found a hilarious comic strip that you simply must share, send me an email at: