MyDinos (iOS)


The final and by far best version of MyDinos.

• Explore seven words from across time including Pangaea, Ice Age, Pirate Island, Future Earth, Anicient Rome, and Ancient Egypt.
• Catch, breed, battle, and evolve over 500 unique Dynamals.
• Inherit a secret ranch where you can train and breed your Dynamals.
• Engage in Player vs. Player Battle that will once and for all determine who amongst your friends is the best Dynamal trainer!

This game included a full fledged isometric Ranch with 90+ different building types, a dynamic battle animation system, far more advanced than the original MyDinos, and an advanced quest system.

As the sole client engineer, I built this game in a little over 18 months.

Unfortunately, this game is no longer being supported by ICS Mobile. I have fixed many of the bugs that seem to be plaguing the community, but I have not been allowed to submit a new build to Apple.