Alliance: Heroes of the Spire


Collect powerful Heroes and create the perfect superhero team. Gather your Alliance to challenge fearsome enemies, develop cunning strategies, and clash with other players to prove your strength!

Collect and Upgrade:
  • Over 400 unique Heroes available to build your ultimate team
  • Choose from 19 unique Equipment sets which provide bonuses to your Heroes
  • Combine Equipment sets for epic bonuses
  • Socket Jewels to make your Equipment even more powerful
  • Explore countless Rifts and claim their treasure
  • Defeat mythical boss encounters for legendary rewards
  • Conquer other players in the Arena and Tournament

I have been working on this game for the past year and a half, building several new features such as CO-OP, Equipment Abilities, and Commander Skills, as well as working on and improving a number of existing features and combat tech.