MyDinos (Flash)


Explore the Earth through time and space. Battle, capture, train, and evolve hundreds of unique Dynamals. Decorate your very own personal cave with dozens of unique items, wallpapers, and trophies. Dress up your character in elaborate costumes (some with special stat bonuses!). Chat and hang out with your friends!

This was our first foray into the world of MyDinos. It came at a time when Club Penguin and other children's virtual worlds were first exploding onto the scene. We saw the opportunity to cross this style of game with something a little more hardcore. Using the SmartFox Server middleware to facilitate the MMO features, we built the game using Adobe Flex (now Apache Flex) for the client, and Java on the back-end.

The game was great. The entire thing fell into a feedback loop. There were minigames to play that gave your active team of Dynamals daily training points which combined with randomly generated genetics and species stats to generate each Dynamal's unique stats. There was a five peice clothing system that gave your team bonuses based on their types (Primary and/or Secondary). Each user had their own Cave that they could decorate with dozens of pieces of furniture, wallpaper, and flooring most of which also gave stat bonuses to your Dynamals. We had eight village maps, each with different Gateways and Shops, and two full TimeQuest Zones which each had their own set of maps, shops, NPCs, and Dynamal encounter areas. And most importantly, there was the Battle Engine: Each Dynamal had a set of skills based on their level, species, and the choices of their Trainer; Each Skill had its own set of stats, a unique animation, and a number of possible effects. Battle was held between two teams of up to eight Dynamals, one active from each team at a time (reminiscent of something that rhymes to TOKeMON). ;^)

We had thousands of kids who loved this game. There were dozens playing for 4+ hours a day, and an average session length of 60 minutes. The statistics were amazing.

After completing the first phase (two world maps) we moved on to an iOS version to capitalize on that growing market. Sadly we never returned to this masterpiece. I wish there was an active instance running somewhere just so I could go make sure my Cave was up to date and clean.