MyDinos GO!


My first iOS game. Collect, Train, Evolve, and Battle over 1000 different species of Dynamals, each based on some actual creature that lived on earth. Travel through time to protect the world from the Vermin Alliance. Buy equipment to help boost your stats, and to give you access to special, limited edition Dynamals. Invest in Green Technology to help bank roll your travels. And most importantly: Battle, Battle, Battle! Use your top Dynamals to form a team that you'll use in a unique 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' battle system.

"Has captured my heart and tempted my purse! So entertaining! Love it. Works well, nice graphics, easy to get the hang of. Recommend!"

"Pokemon meets mafia wars in the best way possible. And it's all based on real animals!"

"I actually added this game to get free coins in another game, but I find I'm much more into this one. Great challenges and lots to do for a free app! So addicted to this game now."

- Play online against other trainers
- Compare teams and stats. Add friends to your Tribe with friend codes, or BATTLE!
- Rank up quests and missions to find secret pet skills, items, bosses, and stories!
- Travel through time to collect and evolve over ONE THOUSAND totally unique Dynamals, each with hand-drawn artwork!
- Free updates - new quests, items, Dynamals, and more!
- Huge storyline full of crazy characters from different time periods:cavemen, pirates, wizards, ninjas, and more!
- Hundreds of equipment items to purchase and discover... some strange, some wacky, and some incredibly powerful!
- Purchase Diamonds in-game to give your team the winning edge in battle!
- Turn-based battle system - choose team leaders and equip your Tribe with the best gear to win!
- Every Dynamal is based on a real creature: Dinosaurs, endangered and extinct species, microbes, and more!